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If you run a landscaping or groundworks business, sometimes you need to get non-roadworthy and unusual pieces of machinery to site. It can be challenging to a find a towing service that can work with our equipment, but it is worth it to make sure that we can tackle any job that our customers request. As we say - we can do any job, no matter how big or small. This blog is all about getting odd or unusual pieces of machinery to and from site. It should be useful for anyone tackling a non-standard landscaping or groundworks job. I hope you find it useful.

Why You Should Have a Plan in Case You Break Down on the Motorway

31 May 2023
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Breaking down on the motorway can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don't have a plan in place. With cars zipping past you at high speeds, it can be dangerous and distressing. That's why it's essential to have a plan in case you find yourself stranded on the motorway. But where should you start? Safety First The most important thing when you break down on the motorway is to ensure your safety. Read More …

Two tips to follow when waiting for your vehicle to be picked up by a towing company after dark

22 July 2022
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If you ever break down after dark and need to wait for a while for a towing company to send one of their drivers out to pick up your vehicle, here are some tips to follow. Use your lights or other reflective items to ensure your vehicle is visible In these conditions, it's important to use either your vehicle's lights (if the battery is still working and the lights are, therefore, functioning) or some other reflective items (such as a small reflective traffic cone, if you keep one of these in your vehicle) to ensure your vehicle is visible. Read More …

3 Car Lockout Scenarios You Can Address With a Towing Company

27 August 2021
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A car lockout is an unforeseen situation, yet very frustrating. It can ruin your day and make you get late for work or miss an all-important business meeting. Luckily, there are several tricks to get you back to your car and proceed with your day's schedule. Take a look at the different car lockout scenarios and how a towing company can help you come out of the situation.  Losing the Car Key or Locking It Inside the Car Read More …

Important Things to Address When Calling a Towing Company

25 February 2021
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Auto towing services come in handy when you have been involved in an accident, ran out of gas or experienced a mechanical breakdown. If you don't already have a dedicated company for your towing needs, it may be difficult to find the right one in your address book or on the internet. What should you look for when contacting a company? Below are three crucial things to address when calling a towing company for assistance. Read More …

Two tips to follow if you need to use a towing service after a car accident

26 August 2020
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If you ever need to use towing service after having a car accident, these tips might help. Check your car's wheels before calling any towing companies Before you start calling up towing companies and seeing which one has a tow truck available, you should check the condition of the car's wheels. If when you do this, you discover that the accident led to the wheels being damaged, then you should let the towing company know about this. Read More …