3 Car Lockout Scenarios You Can Address With a Towing Company

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3 Car Lockout Scenarios You Can Address With a Towing Company

27 August 2021
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A car lockout is an unforeseen situation, yet very frustrating. It can ruin your day and make you get late for work or miss an all-important business meeting. Luckily, there are several tricks to get you back to your car and proceed with your day's schedule. Take a look at the different car lockout scenarios and how a towing company can help you come out of the situation. 

Losing the Car Key or Locking It Inside the Car

Though a car lockout occurs when you least expect it, you probably have set a rescue plan by having a spare key. Some people will have a replacement key hidden somewhere at home or office. Others keep it with a friend. 

Even if you have a spare key, it might not help much if the lockout happens in a far-off location. A towing company will come in handy in this scenario. They will move the car out of the road to your home or office, where you can access the extra key.

Breaking the Key or Damaging the Key Fob 

Besides locking the keys in the car, you can experience a lockout situation when you break the key while forcing it into the lock. Other lockout scenarios involve breaking the fob or transponder. 

Remember that looking for a replacement key or locksmith when it's already late in the night is not viable. In that case, you will need to call in car towing services to assist in securing the vehicle by taking it to the nearest repair destination or home. 

Broken Doors and Spoilt Locks 

A car lockout can also occur when the door or door lock gets broken. That can happen after an accident or when someone tries to tamper with the keyhole. Your best bet then is to contact a towing service to move the car to the nearest repair station to get the door or lock fixed. 

You may need first to tow the car to their workplace if they cannot come to your location. Most towing services are available on a phone call and will respond within a short time. Additionally, they offer round-the-clock services, and thus you can contact them at any time and day. With a reliable car towing service, you don't have to panic or attempt a DIY to recover access to your car. The towing experts will offer you a quick and safe solution by towing your vehicle to your desired destination, where you will find help for the car lockout.