Important Things to Address When Calling a Towing Company

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Important Things to Address When Calling a Towing Company

25 February 2021
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Auto towing services come in handy when you have been involved in an accident, ran out of gas or experienced a mechanical breakdown. If you don't already have a dedicated company for your towing needs, it may be difficult to find the right one in your address book or on the internet. What should you look for when contacting a company? Below are three crucial things to address when calling a towing company for assistance.

Proximity to your area

Stalling by the roadside can be a scary and stressful situation. If your car breaks down at night in a remote area, you may be vulnerable to theft. Thus, contacting a company that's miles away from your location may not be the best idea. Therefore, as you look through potential companies, find out how close they are to your location. 

Find a local towing company for a faster response. Besides responding promptly, local towing companies are also affordable. Remember, firms calculate towing costs depending on the distance from your location to the repair shop or company's premises. Thus, the further you are from these two destinations, the more you will pay for towing. 

Towing methods

There are different towing methods depending on the type of vehicle, available tow trucks and the company's preference. The popular ones are:

Dolly towing

Dolly towing refers to a method where a car is lifted from the front. Chains are used to lift and attach the vehicle's front to the tow truck. This technique can cause damage to the vehicle, especially in the places where the chains attach. Also, the back wheels are dragged on the ground while the car is in neutral transmission, which can lead to severe damage.

Flatbed towing

With flatbed towing, the car is mounted onto a flatbed truck and driven to the destination. The technique is gentle on the vehicle, and it's the best option if you want to protect your vehicle from damage. Since the tow truck doesn't drag your vehicle on the road, this method also protects the wheels from damage.

Dolly towing is more affordable than flatbed towing, but it comes with the risk of damage to the vehicle. Thus, ask whether the towing company offers your preferred towing method, so they can bring the right truck.

Roadside assistance services

Not all roadside problems require you to tow your vehicle to a mechanic. Problems such as lockouts, flat tyres, running out of gas and getting stuck in mud or sand don't need towing. The towing company can send the necessary help. Therefore, ask whether the company offers services such as gas delivery, tyre repairs and auto locksmith services.

Address the above issues before hiring a towing company to come to your rescue. In the future, find a reliable 24-hour towing firm you can call during a roadside emergency.