Semi-Tipper Trailers: What's There for Newbies to Know?

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Semi-Tipper Trailers: What's There for Newbies to Know?

10 July 2019
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Nothing compares to being a first-time customer who is just learning the ropes. There is a very thin line between making the right choice and wasting money on something that will not meet your expectations. Particularly, it is easy to go wrong for stuff that you don't use every day. Tipper trailers are a good example. You only use them when you want to tow and move something from one point to another. Often, taking the time to read useful information before going to look at tipper trailers will help you get more value for your money. The following information will teach all you need to know about semi-tipper trailers so you can choose the best one for your purposes: 

What Makes Up a Semi-Tipper Trailer? 

A semi-tipper trailer has some important components that you need to understand. Typically, the body of the semi-tipper trailer comprises a framework with detachable walls and a bed. In most designs, the bed links to the frame of the trailer through hinges. The frame sits on wheels that enable the semi-trailer to move when the truck starts moving. 

The front section of the trailer has a special bedplate with specially-designed features that latch onto a tow bar. Lastly, a connecting rod completes the equation with an incredible ability to rotate as the truck moves. 

What Types of Semi-Tipper Trailers Are Available?

You have the option of choosing between a side and rear semi-trailer tipper. A side semi-trailer tipper works by offloading whatever you are carrying from the side. It has hydraulic motors and pumps that tilt the bucket and enable it to deliver loads sideways. The other side of the trailer has special locks that allow you to lock or open the trailer as you work. 

On the other hand, there are rear semi-tipper trailers that offload whatever they are carrying towards the back. The bed rises at a near ninety-degree angle to facilitate the drop of the load. When it returns to its original position, the trailer locks so that you can load your cargo. 

What Body Types Are Available for the Bed?

You also need to know about the body types available for semi-tipper trailers. Box types designs come in rectangular shapes with a robust build. They are popular because of their versatility and ability to support various tow bar configurations. On the contrary, you can also go for U-type beds with a deep, middle section. The depth of the bed makes them stable when they sit on the frame because of a low centre of gravity. However, most of them are made from light plates to minimise trailer weight, considering their bulky nature.