The Different Packaging Materials You Might Need When Preparing Your Goods For Transport

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The Different Packaging Materials You Might Need When Preparing Your Goods For Transport

15 November 2016
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Whether you want to send a gift to someone across the state, want to ship some equipment interstate or need some business supplies transported across the region, your cargo must always be packaged in the right way. This applies to freight transport, courier transport, and even self-transport. Below, see the different packaging materials you are likely to need if you plan on seeking transport services.


Pallets are common in the transportation and industrial sector. They are used to package heavy loads or groups of boxes piled atop each other. Pallets make it easy to handle bulk goods because they can easily be lifted and transported using forklifts. You can find both timber and plastic pallets of different sizes. You can even find second-hand pallets which are cheaper. Pallets are ideal if your goods need to be consolidated together in small boxes or if they are very bulky, like construction materials.

Timber crates

Crates are also common when it comes to transport, especially courier and freight cargo. Crates are basically timber boxes designed to load bulky goods for easier handling. They are ideal for goods that cannot be accommodated on a pallet, like metal pipes, construction timber, machinery equipment, and so forth. In addition to that, crates help to protect the goods they carry from physical damage through rough contact during transit.

Insulation material

If you are planning to transport delicate goods such as glass, electronics, chinaware, etc, you should get some insulation materials. This material protects your goods from abrasion or hard impacts during transit. Some of the insulation materials you can get for your goods include foam pellets/peanuts, foam blocks, styrofoam pellets, and air bubble sheeting. The latter is ideal for goods that need to be wrapped while the pellets are ideal for general goods.

General packaging material

General packaging materials are those that are required when you need to package general types of goods, e.g. books, clothes, and other general products. The packaging materials include cardboard boxes, cartons, mailing tubes, plastic boxes, plastic sheeting, tape, glue, and stickers. These are the types of packaging materials you'll need when transporting simple items from your house or office workplace.

The right packaging materials help to keep your goods safe during transit, thereby saving you from having to seek repairs or buying replacements. So get your goods packaged in the right way early as you prepare to seek the right channels of transport.