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Towing commercial vehicles

If you run a landscaping or groundworks business, sometimes you need to get non-roadworthy and unusual pieces of machinery to site. It can be challenging to a find a towing service that can work with our equipment, but it is worth it to make sure that we can tackle any job that our customers request. As we say - we can do any job, no matter how big or small. This blog is all about getting odd or unusual pieces of machinery to and from site. It should be useful for anyone tackling a non-standard landscaping or groundworks job. I hope you find it useful.

Why There Is No Downside To Owning Trailers

24 February 2020
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Trailers are a fantastic tool that many Australians use every day for work and personal reasons. Still, often you will hear that someone might be on the fence about buying one. Do they really need one? Where will they keep it? These are all common questions raised by people who want trailers of their own but can't make up their minds. That is totally fair as you should always be considerate when making any purchase of this size. Read More …

Semi-Tipper Trailers: What’s There for Newbies to Know?

10 July 2019
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Nothing compares to being a first-time customer who is just learning the ropes. There is a very thin line between making the right choice and wasting money on something that will not meet your expectations. Particularly, it is easy to go wrong for stuff that you don't use every day. Tipper trailers are a good example. You only use them when you want to tow and move something from one point to another. Read More …

The Different Packaging Materials You Might Need When Preparing Your Goods For Transport

15 November 2016
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Whether you want to send a gift to someone across the state, want to ship some equipment interstate or need some business supplies transported across the region, your cargo must always be packaged in the right way. This applies to freight transport, courier transport, and even self-transport. Below, see the different packaging materials you are likely to need if you plan on seeking transport services. Pallets Pallets are common in the transportation and industrial sector. Read More …

When Your Vehicle Is Towed: Do These Reasons for Disputing the Issue Apply to You?

25 October 2016
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It can be a frustrating experience when your car is towed. This is especially true when you feel that you are not at fault—when you feel that you have a legitimate reason for leaving your vehicle in a restricted zone. There are some instances when you might be able to dispute the issue and to have your vehicle released without charge. Depending on the policies in effect in your area, there are some key reasons where you can apply to have your vehicle released without having to pay any towing or storage fees. Read More …

Tips to Follow When Transporting a Long Reach Excavator

12 October 2016
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Long reach excavators are revered for their ability to excavate in sites where many other types of excavating equipment can't reach. If you are looking forward to extending your excavation possibilities with a long reach excavator, you will need to be well-versed with how machinery can be properly transported on-site. Here are a few tips to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. Transport the boom and lift assembly separately Read More …